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Seven inexpensive & Homemade hair fall remedies are right here!

What if I told you that you could stop your hair fall and hair thinning without using any of those expensive hair products available in the market. Watching lumps of hair on the bathroom floor every time you oil or shampoo your hair can be very scary and worrisome. Instead of falling for the marketing gimmicks that make you buy products loaded with harmful chemicals, we suggest you try to most effective, inexpensive, and natural ways of combatting hair fall.

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But before we talk about hair fall remedies at home, you must check the hair fall causes. Hairfall can be for various reasons – alopecia, thyroid, PCOD, hormonal imbalance, Postpartum hair fall, etc. What you eat shows on your skin and hair, so first and foremost, maintain a clean diet, increase your intake of water, and make sure your iron and vitamin levels are in check. An iron deficiency can also trigger excessive hair fall.

Reasons for hair fall

The average hair shed is up to 100 hair strands per day. If you are losing more hair, you must be able to decipher the reason behind it.

These are the most common reason for hair fall.


Hairfall during pregnancy and postpartum is very common. After childbirth, hair fall is widespread but correctible. There is a hormonal imbalance post-delivery, which causes hair loss. However, it gets better with time and regular intake of the vitamin, iron supplements, and hair care.


It is a disease whether the hair follicles are under attack by the immune system of the body. It causes bald patches and needs medical treatment.


A common side effect of chemotherapy and radiation is hair loss. Usually, one regains the hair after the treatment stops.

Exposure to chemicals

Hair straightening, rebonding, hair colors may not show immediate side effects, but it makes the hair dry, brittle, and triggers hair fall in the long run. Excess exposure to chemicals causes hair damage.


If you frequently opt for a hairstyle that pulls your hair tightly, it can cause hair loss. Change of hairstyle in such cases helps.

PCOS and other hormonal issues

One most of the most common hair fall reasons in female is PCOS. The cysts in the ovaries cause symptoms, one of them being hair loss and hair thinning. PCOS related hair fall can be corrected with a proper hair care regime and medication.

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Scalp infection

You may notice small flaky areas on the scalp that may appear with or without itching symptoms. They appear as black dots, which causes balding and hair loss. It can be reversed with medical treatment, and once the infection, evident hair growth resumes.

There is no need to panic every time you see hair strands on the floor if you follow the remedies mentioned further along in this article. However, treating your hair with more chemicals in the name of hair care is not a permanent solution. Listed below are a few home remedies that are super easy and can be prepared with available ingredients at home.

Homemade Hair fall remedies

Let's take a look at these hair fall remedies-

Onion Juice for hair fall

Things you need

  • 1 big onion


  • Grate one large onion and sieve the juice.

  • Use a cotton ball to apply on your scalp.

  • Make sure you part your hair well and apply the juice all over your scalp.

  • Leave it for half an hour.

  • Use a mild shampoo and wash hair in cold water.

Repeat thrice in a week.

Castor oil + Coconut Oil to treat hair loss

Things you will need

  • 1 tbsp coconut oil

  • 1 tbsp Castor oil.


  • Warm the coconut oil and mix it well with castor oil.

  • Use a cotton ball and apply it evenly on your scalp.

  • Massage it well and leave for an hour.

  • You can also leave it overnight. Shampoo the next day.

Repeat twice a week.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Things you will need

2 tbsp ACV, 4 tbsp water.


  • Once you shampoo and condition your hair, pour this mixture on your scalp evenly.

  • Let it rest for a few minutes.

  • Rinse with water.

Repeat on alternate days.

Homemade oil for hair fall

Things you will need

  • curry leaves

  • hibiscus leaves and flowers

  • onion seeds (kalonji)

  • Fenugreek seeds (Methi)

  • Coconut oil.


  • Add all the ingredients (except for oils) to the blender and make it into a coarse paste.

  • Next, take a heavy-bottomed pan and put it on heat.

  • Add the paste and 500 ml of coconut oil together. Cook for 15 minutes until the moisture is gone. Once the leaves and flowers are crispy, the oil is ready.

  • Cool it down and strain it. Store in an airtight bottle.

  • Apply this mixture to your hair. You can leave it for a few hours or overnight.

Homemade shampoo for hair fall –

Things you will need

  • 6 reetha pods

  • 7 pieces of shikakai

  • freshly chopped amla.


  • Soak the above ingredients in 500 ml of water overnight.

  • The next morning heat this mixture until it comes to a boil. Then turn the heat off.

  • Once cooled down, add it to the blender and make a pulp from it.

  • Strain, and discard the residue. The liquid that remains can be used as a shampoo.

  • Do not store it for future use. Instead, freeze it in as ice cubes, and use it as required.

Hair pack to prevent hair fall and hair thinning

Things you will need

  • Aloe Vera

  • Potato

  • Honey


  • Grate the potatoes and extract its juice.

  • Add some honey and aloe vera gel to the potato juice.

  • Mix well and massage this on your scalp for 10 minutes. Leave it on for 2- 3 hours.

Use it twice daily for quick results.

Ginger juice to reduce balding

Things you will need

  • Ginger


  • Grate ginger and extract the juice.

  • Add it to castor oil and use a cotton ball to apply it evenly on your scalp.

  • Massage it well and leave it for an hour.

The antiseptic properties of dandruff treat dandruff and its fatty acids help in treating alopecia. It restores your hair growth.


Hair loss is very common these days, but following the right hair care regime helps to fix it. A chemical-free way benefits the hair in the long run. Not only is it cheaper than the products available in the market, but it is also sustainable and chemical-free. So, if you are facing hair fall, go for a safer chemical-free option.

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