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Evolution of free fire official and how to play free fire

Free Fire was one of the underdogs of the battle royale genre. With the help of certain tricks up its sleeve, it quickly dominated the action hungry youth mobile gaming society of India. Free fire officials took the gaming in a different direction as it helped to diversify the gaming community. People with low spec devices limited to 2-3GB of RAM had to wonder about their possibility of playing the hardware-intensive titles on the play store.

With the total file size of around 600MB, free fire hit the spot. Until then the developers of all games weren't aware of the fact that the low spec community is dramatically bigger than those who can afford a good device. Thus, Free fire was their only available option. So, Free fire reached 10 million downloads on the play store within the first year of its global release.

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How to play free fire

Now, people might be wondering about the fact that how to play free fire. But actually, it is the simplest battle royale game you can get. The game drops 50 players on an island on a survival journey. Down the road, they have to use guns, vehicles, and many special types of equipment to survive and be the last man standing. The controls are pretty simple with a wide range of customizations to suit all player style and finger movement. The gun physics have sort of aim assist to help the newbies in this game. Moreover, all the data about guns, their attachments, and their best use case are available on the official website of free fire.

The character system in free fire official

Free Fire is the only game that has a unique character system. All the characters have their special names and have their special ability. You also can add another character’s ability with your present character with a max limit of using a total of 4 abilities at the same time. The abilities are quite diverse, some might increase the movement speed, some increase your damage infliction ability while another might help you to stock up more ammo in your backpack.

Recently, a new character has been introduced in the game that has been the center of attention in the community. Its name is DJ Alok and it is the only character at present in the game that is based on a real-life person. DJ Alok is a famous Brazilian DJ and is known for hosting all the musical events and live performances for free fire including his performance in the Free Fire World Cup 2019. Free fire DJ Alok is the only character whose ability sort of mixes 3 of the present character abilities in the game. While using the ability of free fire DJ Alok, the player has a 10 percent increased movement speed for 10 seconds and he also heals up gaining 5 HP per second for 10 seconds.

That's not all while using this ability, a circular ring forms around the character and all the teammates inside this ring will also be healed up at the same rate. This sort of uses up the abilities of Kelly, Olivia, and Miguel. Many players claimed that the introduction of Alok in Free fire official, has changed the game forever.

Introduction of free fire max in free fire official

Free Fire aims at delivering the best and smoothest experience to its players. So, it runs all the updates through intensive testing before rolling them out to the public. These testings are usually done by game developers and popular content creators who have a good subscriber base and deep knowledge about the game. Free Fire official took this step a bit forward with the introduction of free fire max. It is a developer-only version of the game that has all the upcoming updates and events in it beforehand. This enables the testers to test out the features to find any sort of bugs or glitches. This will remove all bugs before they are unveiled to the common public.

Free fire max isn’t available for download anywhere unless you get a special link from a free fire official. In that case, you can download it from their official servers. Presently, only the content creators can use it.

Pubg Mobile Ban

Recently the Indian government has issued a Pubg Mobile ban, along with a ban on 118 other applications. This step was taken after increasing tension between India and China. So, the entire player base of Pubg will have to move to an alternate game. Free Fire is a great option for them to experience the same thrill of the Battle Royale game. This will also help them to escape from the tension of daily life. So, we can conclude that the Pubg Mobile ban will help to increase the popularity of Free Fire. Additionally, they can save a lot of space on their devices. This is because Free Fire will take half the space compared to Pubg.

Final Glance into Free Fire Official

All in all, this is the best game you can get in this file size with such low system requirements. No other developer can make such a beautiful game with such low system requirements. The user base of Free Fire is constantly growing with increasing tournaments and international level exposure of the players. The free fire tournaments introduce worthy players into the esports community. This helps them to give their talent a destination and make a career in the free fire.

This game has the best and most supporting moderators who want the best for their player base. They are constantly working towards the improvement of this game. When asked about their feeling on the success of Free fire in the Indian region, the Free fire official statement stated that they always viewed the Indian market as the most promising segment in the entire world. This was in terms of business and for searching raw talents that needed the proper stage. That concludes the importance of free fire and the Indian gaming community for each other.

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