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COVID19 versus COVID20: The Latest Transformation In The Coronavirus

The entire world came to a standstill for almost a year due to the novel coronavirus. COVID 19 has already caused much havoc throughout the globe. Is there anyone who has not felt the effects of this deadly virus? Needless to mention the thousands of lives that have succumbed to the virus. The economy was also hard hit. People have lost their jobs and means of livelihood. Schools, colleges, and offices have remained shut down for months. Wait. Have we spoken about the psychological impact? Reports suggest that mental health issues have become a burning issue during the pandemic. As if all of this was not enough. There is now a new strain of the coronavirus. Isn't that alarming?

How Did The New Strain Of Coronavirus Emerge?

The new strain of the virus was first reported in the UK a few weeks back. It has already made its way to countries like Italy, Spain, Sweden, and France. The list is increasing with every passing day. Recently, it has also reached India, according to official reports.

It is a result of the mutation of the virus. Scientists and experts have been talking about the ability of the virus to mutate very fast. It has been a cause of concern throughout the pandemic. The much-dreaded nightmare has finally turned into a reality causing sleepless nights to experts and common people alike.

Does It Spread Faster Than COVID 19?

The novel coronavirus scared the people for its alarming rate of spread. Because of this, most of the countries had adopted a policy of strict lockdown. Physical-distancing norms were followed severely. Even after several months of lockdown, there is no sign of a reduction in the infection rate. The virus mainly spreads through droplets while coughing and sneezing.

However, do you know that the new strain of the virus spreads more easily and rapidly? That is what scientists are suggesting. According to reports from the United Kingdom, the new strain is 50 to 70 percent more infectious than the earlier one. Therefore, it spreads more easily. The question that is bothering everyone at this moment is whether this new strain is more dangerous. Well, if it spreads more rapidly, it will affect a larger number of p[eople. However, the severity of the disease caused by the new strain is not yet known.

So, you never know the severity of COVID 20 without waiting for a few more weeks. If we speak about the other impacts, COVID19 has already wreaked havoc. What more can happen? However, we need to maintain all safety precautions to ensure that we stay safe and sound.

Will The Vaccine Work Against The New Strain Of Coronavirus?

Let us now lo0ok at the million-dollar question. It has been bothering most people. With the alarming rate at which the mutant virus is spreading, there is a lot of pessimism everywhere.

However, experts suggest there is still no evidence that the vaccine will not work against this new strain of the virus.

Final Thoughts

In such a situation, all we can do is keep hope. We have to maintain all the safety protocols. There is no use in compromising your health. Whether it is COVID 19 or 20, let us hope that it shall pass soon.

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