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Covid'19 Vs Mind: Corona And Its Impact On Mental Health

Are you feeling okay in this pandemic? Has this outbreak affected your life?

As the numbers of Coronavirus have been increasing worldwide, it has created unrest and panic in many people. COVID‘19 has created the need for social distancing, which has taken a toll on the mental health of many individuals.

This pandemic has changed the functioning of our social life, professional life, and even the educational system. The entire world has been forced to work/eat/play from home. A sudden shift like this in your life can trigger overwhelming emotions and make you vulnerable.

This lockdown has created some life-altering side-effects like health ailments, layoffs, financial insecurity, anxiety, and an increase in deaths that have taken a toll on mental health. The suicide helplines and psychiatric society have seen an increase in calls mostly from people who are separated from families. Many health care resources have stepped up and offered free services to address the mental health needs that are linked to the pandemic.

The lockdown and social distancing have also had an impact on physical activity. Gyms are closed, going for walks, or a run isn’t safe anymore. Outdoor activities and time spent in the open air have a positive impact on the mind. It makes you feel fresh, boosts your oxygen intake, and the physical activity keeps you mentally and physically fit. With all of this taking a backseat it has given rise to mental health and physical health issues.

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The media has heightened anxiety in people. With the constant reporting of deaths and the rise in cases, it has created panic in the mind of people. People everywhere are experiencing various emotions. We are all hurting and not being able to live a normal life.

The unpredictability, being unsure about the future, loss of connection, and being unable to plan have further increased mental distress.

There is a feeling of collective grief.

Corona has made people anticipate grief that is triggering anxiety. While we know that there is something bad happening around us, we no longer feel safe. The world is changing, and in these unprecedented times, it makes it difficult to know what we can plan for.

How to deal with mental health issues in COVID times?

  • Do not make assumptions- Overthinking is the root cause of all problems. Do not jump to conclusions on hearsay evidence. Always believe in facts and verify the source of information.

  • Do not anticipate- It is okay to feel stressed out facing this pandemic. You may feel overwhelmed and vulnerable when you read the news about the outbreak. Minimize those feelings and take a look at the facts.

  • Live in the present. Look at your surroundings and breathe. Tell yourself that at this very moment, you are okay.

  • Remind yourself that this phase is temporary. This too shall pass.

  • When you feel confused, try to name your emotions. Understand how you feel, acknowledge it because brushing it off doesn’t help.

  • Exercise regularly at home

  • Get enough sleep.

  • Keep in touch with your family and friends.

  • Do things that you enjoy – Pursue a hobby

  • Maintain a healthy diet.


Things you can do to stay safe

Utilize the option of Telemedicine

Instead of stepping out to see a doctor and taking the risk of exposing yourself to the virus, avail this option. It reduces the sick persons from coming in contact with others, gives the asymptomatic people recommendations without getting hospitalized, and allows people with chronic conditions to still have access to a health professional.

Work from home

Step out only when necessary. Working from home reduces the chances of potential spread by not interacting with sick patients. One sick person can transmit this virus to a whole community, so working from home will reduce the spread and reduce the pressure on hospitals.

Stock up on emergency medication

Stock up on emergency supplies. Those who have chronic conditions stock supplies for three months. Practice social distancing at all times even if you have to rush to a hospital.

Wear a mask

Always wear a mask every time you step out, even if it is for five minutes. Wearing a mask protects you from getting infected and also protects others from getting infected by you.

Practice social distancing

Amongst all the other things you can do to prevent the virus, social distancing is the most important thing. Stay six feet away from someone who has a cough or might be sick. Avoid close contact with anyone in public places.

Summing up

It can be hard to stop scrolling through the COVID News, but you can choose what to see. Watch more of recovery stories and positive news. Do not watch movies or shows related to the pandemic, instead watch light and comedy movies, and do things that make you feel better mentally. Never hesitate to seek professional help.

Focus on things that are in your hands and then worry about uncertainty that you have no control over.

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